About us


means 138 years worshipping our God.


means the Bible is our basis.


means a family of Christ-followers.


means our hometown is our mission field.

My name is Nathan Ramirez, and in October of 2018 the Lord led me to become the senior pastor of this body of believers. It was the humility of the people here and their hunger for God’s Word that attracted me. After serving this congregation for some time, I’ve found that these qualities are not only present here, but growing. They are the same virtues that will draw you in as you get to know us.

At FBC Raton we are devoted to the reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching. We are empowered by prayer, committed to discipleship, and rooted and grounded in love. We relish the opportunity to worship our triune God with you, and we desire that our time together helps you to know Christ and to make Him known, because it’s not my church, or your church, or even the members’ church. It’s His Church.

In His unfailing love,
Nathan Ramirez
Senior Pastor

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